Wedding Bells For Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch, the 39-year-old actress famous for her roles in Glee, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Role Models, is set to marry her girlfriend, Dr. Lara Embry. It will be a Spring wedding, as it has been reported that the two will tie the knot some time in May of this year.

An actress and a doctor. Sounds like a power couple to me!

Jane, a Dolton, Illinois native, was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for her character Sue Sylvester, a crazy-obsessed cheerleading coach in everyone’s favorite new comedy on FOX, Glee. And not only was she nominated, but won the award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series at the SAG Awards which were held last Saturday.

Embry, her fiance, is a psychologist who gained a bit of fame herself last year, winning an important same-sex custody lawsuit in Florida.

Both Jane and Dr. Lara seem to be involved in gay and lesbian rights, and I’m glad to see that they will soon be reaping the benefits of an on-going struggle!

Gallery Info: Jane Lynch has breakfast with her dogs in Los Angeles on January 14th, 2010