Wedding Bells For A-Rod And Cameron Diaz?

Enough of the sneaking around: are Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez getting serious or what? They’re photographed together all the time, yet Diaz insists that she’s single and ready to mingle. So what are this couple’s chances for cosmic connection?

Now that Cameron is nearing the tail-end of promotion for Knight and Day, maybe she can finally give A-Rod a little more attention. Then again, he just celebrated his 600 home run record and will be getting busy now too: he even stopped by the Today Show on Monday to do some promotion for the Yankees. But that’s why this couple works: both are driven and hard-working in their respective careers.

“She tells dirty jokes, drinks beer and can hold her own discussing just about any sport. Alex fell in love with her because she’s one of the guys, but can turn on the sex appeal and femininity too,” a source says. It sounds like the chemistry is there; these two just have to find the time. Until their next sighting… 

Alex “Arod” Rodriguez makes an appearance on the “Today Show” in
NYC, NY on August 16, 2010 to promote the NY Yankees “Hope Week”.