Wears It Well: Skyler Berman’s Fashionable Luncheon [PHOTOS]

Little Skyler Berman
New mom Rachel Zoe totes her son around.
Things that consistently make me happy: Skyler Berman’s fashion. The tiny tyke was spotted in Beverly Hills earlier today grabbing lunch with his famous fashionista mama, Rachel Zoe.

Skyler was looking super fashionable today in his trendy outfit. The cuffed jeans, the matching belt and shoe combo, the white t-shirt and the navy blazer are killing me with the adorable! How much do you think Rachel spends on his attire?

Like, how much is this kid wearing? Cause I don’t know if you’ve ever gone to the children’s section of fancy department stores, but that stuff is not cheap! I’m thinking it’s gotta be like at $200 on that tiny body of his. Side note: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more porcelain doll looking human in my life.


Check out all the adorable photos of Rachel and Skyler in the gallery. She really lucked out with a baby who will wear what she tells him. Tell us what you think of Skyler’s outfit by tweeting us @socialitelife or share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.