We Will Miss You Bobby And Whitney

August 26th, 2005 // 23 Comments

We’ve learned why Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown are together. They’re both ghetto trash. We’ve learned that Whitney loves reminising about orifices and poop. We know that Bobby is utterly talentless and vulgar. We are hoping for a second season.

(Images via the hilarious fourfour)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Michelle

    Can’t you come up with something better than “We’ve learned why Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown are together. They’re both ghetto trash.”? It makes you sound like a judgmental ass.

    You’re flawed, I’m flawed, they’re flawed too. So what.

  2. Miu

    I am a judgemental ass.

  3. MIssNee

    i’ve seen “ghetto trash” and whitney and bobby are far from it. they’re both bat shit crazy though and that’s what makes them work. i love when whitney sings whatever she has to say to bobby “iiiiii dooooon’t have tiiiiime fooooor thiiiis”

  4. Michelle

    Re: “I am a judgemental ass.”

    Well hey, fair enough then. I mean, we all ***know*** you’re judgmental, but usually not quite so lost for words that you put a simple label of “ghetto trash.” I mean, I guess I was disappointed with the lack of creativity more than anything.

    ‘Tis cool though, we all have our off days I suppose.

  5. Lisa

    I love this show, I hope they return for a second season. I was surprised to find that Whitney was actually more crazy than Bobby.

  6. upwhere

    Love the look on Bobby’s face…looks like Whitney just took whatever she is holding out of his ass!

  7. Pleasantly disturbed

    I watched the show and guess what?? Bobby is human and a crackup, too. Some guy drove by and yelled “Free Bobby!” Bobby looked @ the camera and said– “Why does everybody think I’me locked up??” Whitney is a mess though, she wet blanketted everything Bobby did. Sad.

  8. Andrea

    Good God I hope VH1 or somebody re-runs that show. I don’t get the channel with my DISH. I am dying to catch this hot mess.

  9. Pleasantly disturbed

    Ghetto ass?? Why do you use that phrase? I live in the “Ghetto” , 24/7 and I treat you ho’s with Respect. Return it, please. Sheesh.

  10. Yeah right

    If you live in the “ghetto” why am I paying for your computer?

    Talk about the fleecing of America?


  11. Pleasantly disturbed

    Yeah Right, you are paying for my computer? The one I paid for with the money I took from your prostitutes ass. Meaning you. Cuz you have to work the street to pay your bills, you’re so sleazy. Damn, don’t post here . The kids are out.

  12. Yeah right

    This blog is supposed to be frequented by Socialites, not ghetto trash like yourself. I am sure that you have your own blogs that you can visit. May I suggest, Angryblackbitch.com.

    Oh and if you are just trying to be entertaining with all the “black talk” you are visting the wrong site.

    Socailites don’t use the term, “ho’s.” Grammatically incorrect and just plain classless.

  13. Pleasantly disturbed

    Gee whiz. A grammar lesson from Yeah. And she has the nuts to lecture on sociology. This woman is a dust magnet, that’s you, yeah. Socialites sight. Spare me your two braincells, socialite.

  14. Liz

    MissNee- I too love how Whitney sings everything and hits the high notes! It’s hysterical. She is cra-zeee! Excellent job Miu in keeping us posted about the show!

  15. Africa

    My comment is brief howevever my family and I enjoyed watching Bobby & Whitney quite a bit hopefully there will be a second season…They made us laugh and they’re CRAZY! U people should learn to correspond without ALL the negative, there is enough of that in this world.TO EACH THEIR OWN!!!

  16. pfffffft please

    Props to all the PR peeps and her agents or whatever that kept a lid on what a FREAK Whitney is. All these years everyone was like “Why is she with Bobby”…but NOW ya can see that they are 2 peas in a pod…and YES SHE IS the wackier one. I never knew Whitney was so “ghetto”. I think I feel a little bad for Bobby now for all the negative publicity he has gotten all these years…She a definate wack job. WOW.

  17. Samantha

    I feel sorry for bobby and gffft u couldn’t be anymore right . All b4 I watched the show I used to think bobby was the bad 1 and he influenced her in bad ways when it seems the other way around . Whitney acts like a crackhead like she is always doped up and whenever she comes down off her high she gets mad and upset . Bobby trys to calm her down cause she’s always mad . I feel sorry 4 bobby and whitneys daughter . Even her friends look at whitney like what a crackhead!

  18. DankMiser

    I don’t care how many times you people use it, the term “blog” will never be accepted into Webster’s. I really, really, really HATE that term. It sounds so stupid like saying “bleebo” or “plortsi” or “Nanoo nanoo. Shazbot!”

    Dorks. It’s a web diary. Should be called a “wiary”.

  19. Andre Williams

    There is no such thing as “Getto Trash”. Thats man made. Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, in my book, with their reality show, have more greatness
    than any of this other mindless, baseless, and unreal crap that is showcased by the media on a daily basis. Why? Because the are human and there are real. I love them as people.

  20. ES

    If you are a judgemental ass, Miu, then I adore you that way. Never change.

  21. Keith Griner

    My first time here. I’m not impressed, this is supposed to be about a show that all of you like, yet I’m reading nothing but garbage. Using words such as “ghetto Trash” only shows ignorance…or masks some sort of fear or jealousy. The bickering only degrades why you are all here.


  22. Candace

    Kudos on the comment.

  23. carol
    Commented on this photo:

    im sad that there were people who knew whittney was in trouble and couldnt help her i was looking threw her photos and i cant believe that no one knew and didnt help her all i really have to say and god bless to her family and her daughter my condulencesto them ,please seek god for comfort.

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