We Hope Your Christmas Was Better Than Charlie Sheen’s – Weekend Round Up

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas! Yours had to be better than Charlie Sheen’s was.

The celebrities were pretty shy this past weekend, but a few were spotted out and about. Josh Duhamel works up a sweat, Kate Walsh shows off her new piece, Colin Farrell carries a load, Brett Ratner shows off his gut and lots more celebrity goodness in the gallery.

Here are the top five stories from this past weekend.

1. Charlie Sheen’s domestic assault mess.
2. Hunky couple frolics on the beach.
3. Bradley Cooper brings Renee Zellweger home for Christmas.
4. Jude Law and Sienna Miller reunite in Barbados.
5. Ivana Trump’s foul-mouthed tirade against rambunctious kids gets her kicked off flight.