We Hear Someone Named Judy Miller Has Quit The New York Times

Yesterday was a sad day for Gawker and Jossip. Will this mean the end of their day to day coverage of all things Judy? No.

Judy Miller isn’t one to just resign and that be the end of it. She posted her own farewell letter on her website, as well as rebuttals about what was printed about her in the New York Times. Judy, Judy, Judy. Trying to defend her own honor right up to the end. What a trooper. It seems that Judy wont’ be out of work for long. She has received many job offers. We hope she enjoys working with John Norris at MTV News.

Our favorite of the Judy posts, is from The Minor Fall, The Major Lift:

Date/Time: 11/9/2005 3:39:34 PM?Title: Miller retires from NYT??To the Staff:
Judy Miller has retired from The New York Times effective today.
In her 28 years at The Times, Judy never personally set any of her colleagues on fire. As far as we know.
We wish her well in the next phase of her career.

Forward and onward Judy.

(Image via Daily Roast)