We Have A Winner!

January 18th, 2006 // 9 Comments

Congrats to Abigail S! You’ve won the Komen Paris Computer Backpack from Mobile Edge! Look for an email from us tonight!

Click the photo for the enlarged version. The original photo is after the jump.


Thanks to everyone for sending in your entries! I’ll be posting some of the other entries this weekend.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. rocker_baby28

    HA! Thats so cute! It’s like whirl-o-dysfunctional-celbrities. Congrats Abigail!

  2. bailey

    lol this was the funniest thing definetly deserved the win

  3. HAHA! I didn’t even notice the first time I looked that there were other celebs in the shadows. Great job!

  4. bestdress

    This one is great! LOL

  5. celeb_junkie99

    LMAO! This is great! Is it just me or is that Vince Vaughn in the right hand corner? From the Wedding Crashers character???

  6. Pop maverick, YO!

    her photoshop editing skills are highly spiffy. and miu would you please update- THX!!!!!!!;)

  7. haha, that is a great one. They even went above and beyond adding the other celebs in the back.

    You should put up a couple of the runner’s up that were worthy too.

  8. Lynn

    I am so impressed! Great job, love the additional celebrities. I have got to learn how to photoshop…am totally intrigued!

  9. Jan

    You should post some of the other good ones too. A “Top 10″ if you will.

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