We Hate Her, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!


Beatles fans are carrying their animosity towards the estranged wife of Paul McCartney all the way to the dance floor. It seems that supporters for Paul McCartney and The Beatles are encouraging the public to boycott “Dancing with the Stars,” because of Heather Mills’ participation in the reality television competition. Angry posts have filled up the Internet, according to Star:

One person posted: “The best thing fans could do is not to watch the show at all, and her offers will immediately dry up. Why reward ABC for hiring her? Bad ratings are the best revenge.”

However, this season’s premiere was the show’s highest, despite efforts made on the part of outraged Beatles fans. The thing is, the show isn’t about whether or not you are rooting for a contestant or if you love to hate them–it’s about watching to see if eventually the dance partners end up sleeping with each other.