We Can Only Hope

March 15th, 2006 // 17 Comments

That this season of America’s Next Top Model will have moments like this.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Kelsey

    See…when you don’t eat…you tend not to have energy

  2. YOURface


  3. Anno

    I LOVE how the other model wannabes just stare – none of them assisted her. Nice girls.

  4. susiegrl

    Allll-Righty then!

  5. danny

    um, i love how the ambulance said LAFD. uhh, how did you know!?!?

  6. Gretchen Weiners

    best. episode. ever.

  7. M

    That is really sick that you find that funny.
    And that everyone stood there and did nothing –
    I hope that you are happy with yourselves for posting this as funny.

  8. C’mon M…. it was totally funny! Not the fact that she probably has anorexia or bullemia… or whatever she suffers from… its funny the way she just went down. Its like not laughing when somebody trips. Get a sense of humor!

  9. IScareBabies

    I hope she cracked her head open and died. That would be way funny.

  10. Silasdog

    Kelsey, you hit it again, great comment!

  11. Me

    She “collapsed.” Is that the same diagnosis as “break down or nervous condition?” LOL* Oh I smell a cover up here people and it ain’t Maybelleline!!!

  12. cran

    the best part of that entire clip was Janice.

    and she has a neurological disorder, not an eating disorder.

  13. Woah

    WTF!!!!!!!!!! How did I miss this? It’s a couple seasons old but I don’t recall missing an episode. Was this a deleted scene or something? Man that was some freaky shit.

  14. Ms. B

    Let’s hope not…that was pretty scary.

  15. danny

    um HELLO, are you serious? maybe its the fag in me, but i find girls falling flat on their tacky heads to be hiiiilarious. ok also, as that woman was like…you need to work on your presence..and then the music kicks in? HELLO WHAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND!?

  16. grandisima

    That needs to happen to Furonda this season. That ghetto girl has got to go…

    Props to Nnenna though, I hope she takes it all the way.

  17. Bishop

    I don’t think Furonda is ghetto. By the way she made it further than you have. We should not be so critical of her.

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