We Believe You, Sandy Bullock. And We Lava You.

I may not have wanted to her to win Best Actress, but I still like Sandra Bullock.  So much so that I believe her when she says that no sex tape of her and dirtbagestranged (one word) husband Jesse James exists.  Bullock confirmed in a statement to People today,

“There is no sex tape. There never has been one and there never will be one.”

Playah please.  Do you think someone as savvy as Bullock would be dumb enough to make a sex tape with that walking VD?  Don’t answer.

Eager to support his friend in her time of need, George Lopez visited Bullock at her LA home (the first was after the Kids Choice Awards to check in on the wounded soldier).  “She’s all right,” he told an assembly of paparazzi camped outside her abode.

Rumors pop up here and there about an impending divorce, given that James’ tatted skank meter is at 4 (and counting?)…

Stay strong, SB!  We’ve got some images of Lopez paying Bullock a visit as a show of support, and one of the two pals back in the day buffet.