We Are Totally Stalking Hayden Christensen

April 23rd, 2007 // 9 Comments

Not to spoil the surprise, but earlier today, we totally had a pic of Hayden Christensen running into Alanis Morissette at LAX and now it looks like he met up with his friend, Rachel Bilson, later in the day. Because I’m really grasping at straws here, I’m going to throw out there that it looks like Hayden has been recently consorting with drably-dressed brunettes. So, it’s kind of weird that he and I don’t have a lunch date today, since I meet the criteria to a depressing degree.


More photos of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Jay

    So, are they really together?

  2. BaddaBing

    Don’t know if they’re a “couple” or just friends but they do look cute together.

  3. pam

    It seems Rachel likes dating her costars.

  4. Aprilshowers

    I can’t say I like Rachel’s outfit..I think they are more friends..Hayden ETalk said they were not dating I can believe they are friends..most people you work with for almost a year you do get close too..The press has Rachel linked to every co-star she worked with..I think Adam was her only real b/f..I don’t think Hayden is..

  5. felicia

    The new E Talk says they’re a couple.

  6. Tannie

    I don’t believe that Lainey said this time and there are only the pix from the airport.Where are the other pix with him and her playing with her dog and cuddled and kissed at her house?She make more that it really is.

  7. Golden

    Can Rachel Bilson NOT date her co-star? I wonder if she cheated on Brody with this guy.

  8. raut

    “Can Rachel Bilson NOT date her co-star? I wonder if she cheated on Brody with this guy”


    Adam and New girl – December 11, 2006


  9. Lois

    I think rachel hang with these guys to get attention.When they stop giving her what she want.She leave them alone.Like she can’t get out and do things herself.She really don’t care anything about them. Just waiting for the next best thing to come along again.She mess up herself friendship by using them.

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