‘We Are The World’ All-Star Recording

If it weren’t for the jeans and sweatshirts you would think the 80 celebrities arriving at Jim Henson Studios to rerecord “We Are The World” for the Haiti earthquake victim yesterday was an award show.  There were singing stars from all different genres including Harry Connick Jr., Carlos Santana, Faith Evans, T Pain, Benji Madden, and finally showing up for Haiti, Kanye West. (And hopefully Vince Vaughn was just coming by to watch?)

Quincy Jones announced last week that he planned to redo the 1985 song to help Haiti, which will premiere during the coverage of the Winter Olympics on NBC.  This was a huge success 25 years ago, but  I’m wondering if this is going to have the same level of success as it did. I’m sure they will make a money off of it, but I’m not sure it will compare to its blockbuster success back  when there was a novelty to that kind of crossover with superstars. Today the Hope for Haiti Telethon and Simon Cowell’s “Everybody Hurts” remake share the spotlight as donation options.

At the same, reading the list of superstar talent makes me curious to hear what I hope is a very updated version of the 80s song.  And Quincy is a hit maker after all. Lionel Richie, who oversaw the new version with Jones, said “This one, the enthusiasm, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

How do you think it will do?