We Thank Jon Franco & Luis d’Agostino From ‘The Vineyard’ For Being Shirtless On ‘Extra’

I admit that I had never heard of the TV show The Vineyard before I ran across these photos, which were my total motivation for writing this post. I’m a whore for photos of shirtless hunks. There I said it.

Apparently, The Vineyard is (10 p.m., ABC Family): is a lightweight “docu-soap” that follows a group of young hotties as they work, frolic and hook up along the shores of Martha’s Vineyard.

The cast appeared on Extra yesterday and two of the show’s hunks, Jon Franco and Luis d’Agostino ripped off their shirts for our viewing pleasure. I truly thank them for that. Truly.

Executive producer Dave Broome says of the show, “It’s all real,” Broome says. “The emotions are very real, what these kids are going through. The dialogue is their own dialogue, and their stories are their stories, but they’re just being served up in a different visual way. That’s the biggest difference. … Imagine if you were able to watch a show like Pretty Little Liars but now in an unscripted form.”

Check out a preview video from the show below, then make sure to check out all the hot bodies from the cast of The Vineyard in the gallery.

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