We Have A Winner: What’s The Most Absurd Way You’ve Avoided The ‘So Moment’?

Zac Efron In His Undies
Zac Efron doing something on a hotel balcony.
The videos you shared about the most absurd way you’ve avoided the “so moment” are GENIUS! Zac Efron could have totally used these as inspiration while he filmed That Awkward Moment.

Although we loved ALL of your entries, we picked THREE of our absolute favorites, and ONE of them is the lucky winner of the ULTIMATE DATE NIGHT. Was it YOU? Find out below.

3.) Second Runner Up: Lily A.

2.) First Runner Up: Zach Hall

1.) WINNER!!! Brenton Bauerkemper

Thank you again for all of your awesome participation, AND congrats to the winner, Brenton Bauerkemper. If you think THESE absurd “so moments” are hilariously uncomfortable, you’ve got to go and check out That Awkward Moment, in theaters Jan. 31.