We Can’t Get Enough Of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ [PHOTOS]

'TOWIE' Star Shows Off Abs
Mark Wright from The Only Way Is Essex flaunts his body!
About three weeks ago, my friend Mitch insisted that I started watching The Only Way Is Essex. Naturally, I knew the acronym (“Oh, you mean TOWIE?), but I hadn’t tuned in.

What a mistake.

Now I’m three seasons behind only know the characters who were too cool for school and left (I really miss you, Amy Childs.  It’s like you abandoned me).

I do know that Mark Wright is the token sleazeball and that he and Lauren Goodger are made for each other.  Jessica was in a band called Lola, but obviously that didn’t work out since she’s got a couple of different fashion things going on right now. 

Take tonight, for instance.  After opening With Love Jessica, Wright apparently has a boatload of ventures going on.  Tonight she  launched new clothing line ‘Lipstick Boutique’ by Jessica Wright at Soho Sanctum Hotel in London.

And then there’s Nanny Pat, who’s sausage plait is on my list of things to try before I kick the bucket. Get this: Nanny Pat has a memoir out, titled Penny Sweets and Cobbled Streets.  I’m going to start crying soon.

Have you guys seen The Only Way Is Essex yet?  Cancel your plans this weekend and hop on Hulu.

I friggin’ love Great Britain.