Wax Matthew

April 19th, 2007 // 7 Comments

Madame Tussaud’s is the creepiest place on Earth. I’d rather be in John Wayne Gacy’s basement. Anyway, here’s the unveiling of party animal/greasy guy/fitness fantatic Matthew McConaughey’s wax figure. It looks…well, waxy. Did some of the bajillion dollars they spent keeping him happy on the set of “Sahara” go towards this? Nice job.


By J. Harvey

  1. Stephen Schweckendieck

    I wonder what they use to create the slight bulge in the crotch area…and is it life-like?

  2. dude that thing is crazy. wheres the little lance armstrong one squeezing his biceps?

  3. BARF

    I bet it smells of feet, sweat, beer and cologne too.

  4. Kourtni

    I know they have the celebs come in and get measured, and they take bunches of pix at different angles… you would think they could get a little bit closer in likeness. I wouldve guessed this was a butch Farrah Faucett.

  5. phat_chuy

    Oh J., this one would most certainly be on my Friday Five…pure genius: rather be in Gacy’s basement!

  6. SmartyPants

    HAHAHA! Rather be in John Wayne Gacy’s basement! HAHAHA! I love you J. Harvey!

  7. me










    (the pose in which they molded him is MORE PROOF!!!)

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