Adrien Grenier at Water Charity Event, Still Into the Whole Unshaven Look

December 18th, 2007 // 1 Comment

Adrien Grenier is cute, but just looks so incredibly fuzzy, that I imagine making out with him would feel like getting nookie from a fraggle. Here the actor and director is putting on a coat and tie to attend the second annual anniversary gala for Charity: Water. The shindig was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC and Adrien’s posing on the red carpet here with model, Jessica Stam and the founder of the charity, Scott Harrison. Jeez, I know Scott’s the only one in the picture who’s not being paid to look cute, but damn if he isn’t the most adorable thing there. I checked his MySpace page and ladies, it looks like he’s single. Charitable, looks good in a suit and photographs well. Someone needs to snatch him up before he disappears into thin air. Men like that are like rainbows, before you know it, they’re gone and you almost start to wonder if you made them up in the first place.

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15 more photos from the ‘Charity: Water’ event featuring Adrian Grenier, Jessica Stam, Damien Fahey, Jennifer Missoni and founder Scott Harrision are after the jump.

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Photos: Getty Images

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Big 'Mo

    Am I the only one who does not think this guy is good looking? Love the show, but I jut don’t get the fascination with him.

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