Watch The Socialite Aboard The Boat With Ease

July 27th, 2005 // 17 Comments

At least she’s wearing underwear. Or is it a bathing suit? Kind of hard to tell.

(Image via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Trisha

    How pussy wipped is Paris L.? Why is it almost everytime we see these two together he is wearing something that matches her outfit? ugh…tweedle dee and tweedle dum. She is such a classless cow.

  2. doofus

    one correction, trisha…

    …it’s tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber.

  3. Cynthia

    OMG!! She IS wearing underwear!!

  4. Sissy

    The bit that REALLY makes me laugh is the white handbag. You getting onto a rubber motorised boat, where are going with the handbag? haha. I’m sorry it just makes me laugh. In fact I just cant stop laughing. OH God hahahahahaha

  5. Lorena

    Kind of like the queen, always carrying a stupid bag, with nothing in it. This bitch always looks so helpless! Can she do anything on her own?!?

  6. Sissy

    Oh yes, I’m sorry I forgot she is self proclaimed American ‘royalty’

    I’d love to her madge (the Queen)not Madonna get aboard a boat like that her alleged translantic counterpart.
    No sorry, what I am talking about. No I would NOT. Oh dear, visual image horror.

  7. Rob

    THATS hot…SHE’S not!

  8. Lorena

    haha! I forgot all about the ‘American Royalty’ thing! I wonder, is it at all possible for anyone to be any more narcissistic than that? I didn’t think so!

  9. PaRis

    WOW! She still remember how to…open her legs, amazing, you can open them more and more and more… oops!

  10. ~ J ~

    everyone is always hating on paris hilton… get over it… your not rich, your not good looking… let it go

  11. Lorena

    She’s rich, but she’s not good looking….

  12. barbara


  13. bad bunny

    i think this picture would be funnier if she fell in the water…and all the make up and fake tan melted away…lol! oh and by the way ~J~ paris would probably be more likable if she was not so self abosorbed and manufactured. she may be beautiful but only because she can afford it…i’m sure if all ugly people were as wealthy as she they could be just as hot! HAVE’NT YOU EVER SEEN EXTREME MAKEOVER???

  14. Caz

    Shame the spoilt brat didn’t fall in and drown… ops did I really type that? lol

  15. mia

    Hahaha, this pic is so funny, look at all the men rushing in to help her.

  16. ParisHilton

    Rob I believe the sayin is “Thats Hot,Your Not”…shes wearing the purse cause Its Chick By Nicky Hilton and if you dont like Paris than why waste your time criticizing and shame on you Caz…I hope thats your death

  17. nicole

    She’s getting onto a boat with a skirt on…that can happen to anyone. The people making fun of her every move must be so jealous.

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