Watch Out Victoria’s Secret

Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez are considering releasing a line of lingerie together. The two each have their own label as mentioned here. There is no solid official “deal” yet, but what J.Lo wants God delivers and Marc Anthony signs for it. The appeal of a duo label with two fashionistas at the helm seems more appealing despite Beck’s denim issues. The high waist jean is trying to make a comeback but just like the skinny jean it should not be worn if you are over the size 2.

“I have started wearing high-waist jeans, but they do really squeeze you in round the waist and by the end of the day I was beginning to have mental images of my epitaph, ‘Victoria Beckham, done in by denim.'” The soccer star’s wife joked.

I am sure they came up with the lingerie idea after Jen schooled Victoria on her Fly-Girl moves and the two went to lunch and giggled about Vicks obsession with high waist jeans over some edamame and a few diet cokes.

Victoria Beckham’s jeans fear [Female First]

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