Watch Out, Jerry Seinfeld

There’s a new funny man in town. And I’m not talking about his crazy chicken dance, either. Mick Jagger recently performed at the Beacon Theater in NYC for Bill Clinton’s 60th birthday bash. From The New York Daily News:

“I feel sorry for President Clinton,” Jagger told an audience that included Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, former Czech President Vaclav Havel, Sheryl Crow, Michael J. Fox, Elvis Costello and Diana Krall, Michael Stipe, Courtney Love, Matt Lauer, Richard Belzer, Mario Batali and Democratic organizers like Steve Bing, Ron Burkle and Terry McAuliffe. “President Kennedy had Marilyn Monroe at his birthday party. I thought about wearing a dress. But then I thought, ‘I’d better not.'”

Jagger clearly had ’08 on his mind when he deadpanned, “I’d like to welcome President Clinton. … And I see she’s brought her husband.”

Oh, Mick. You so crazy. I wonder if he continued with a look at how white people and black people dance differently, and then a little bit about how dating these days is such a wacky pastime.

Written by Lisa Timmons