WATCH: Zachary Levi Makes Out With Nathan Fillion And Adam Baldwin At Comic-Con [VIDEO]

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Nathan Fillion Zachary Levi Adam Baldwin NerdHQ
Zachary Levi puckers up for a couple of hotties!

Now this was a special moment at Comic-Con 2012.

During the Nathan Fillion panel at NerdHQ during ComicCon 2012, Zachary Levi had a surprise for Nathan. Apparently the day before he said for $100 for a kiss on the cheek, well the NerdHQ surprised him with someone who donated $1000.

He dipped her and gave her a kiss, then Nathan Fillion came out threw some money at him and planted a kiss on Zachary. After that Adam Baldwin came out and planted a kiss on Zachary as well. There was apparently lots of loving to go around!

All of the money raised at NerdHQ goes to Operation Smile.

By Michael Prieve

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