WATCH: Zach Braff And Donald Faison Do A Live Version Of ‘Guy Love’ From ‘Scrubs And It Is Amazing

Zach & Donald
The BFFs enjoy a Hawiian vacation
If you were a fan of Scrubs, or even if you weren’t, it’s hard not to know about the beautiful bromance between Zach Braff and Donald Faison.

Not only were they BFFLs on the show, but off-screen they have remained insanely close. Zach was even a groomsmen at Donald’s wedding.

For Scrubs fans there was one truly defining moment in their friendship: when Zach’s J.D. and Donald’s Turk sang “Guy Love” during the show’s musical episode. And oh my god! They recreated it in real life.

During an event promoting Zach’s latest film, Wish I Was Here, they duo gave us a live version of the hilarious song that immediately made us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Watch the video above and try not to feel nostalgic about everyone and everything you’ve ever loved. And here’s the original for you viewing pleasure. Now if you’ll excuse, I’m gonna go watch the whole musical episode.