WATCH: Will Jesse Tyler Ferguson Find Love With George Takei’s Help On ‘The First Gay Bachelor’

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Funny Or Die's 'The Gay Bachelor'
Will he find love?
George Takei's Happy Dance
George Takei
Because everyone needs some joy in their lives. Watch »

There have been many, many, many season of The Bachelor. But interestingly enough, there has never been a gay bachelor.

Until now, that is! Meet Jesse Tyler Ferguson‘s Bryden, he’s a trial lawyer just looking for love. And isn’t the quest for love better when George Takei is narrating it? Side note: I’d like George and Morgan Freeman to take turns narrating my life. OK, thanks, bye.

Things are looking up for Bryden at the beginning, but then they quickly take a turn for the worse. 

Check out the video above and watch the hilarity ensue. And keep an eye out for Lance Bass.

By Sabba Rahbar

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