WATCH: Tom Hiddleston Does A Flawless Owen Wilson As Loki Impression

Tom Hiddleston Go Vogue
The actor was perfect alongside Cara Delevinge.
'The Avengers'
The hot stars gather for the Hollywood premiere.
It’s almost as if my love for Tom Hiddleston grows each day–oh wait, it does.

Honestly, I didn’t think it was possible to see a better video than Tom teaching Cookie Monster about delayed gratification (check it out above), but I was wrong! It does get better.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you Tom Hiddleston impersonating Owen Wilson as Loki from The Avengers. Is your mind blown yet? Because if it’s not check out the video after the jump and it will be. 

Tom was a guest over at Popcorn Taxi and during his Q&A session he was asked to do the impression. Clearly he was ready for it as Owen has been in his impression repertoire for awhile.

Anyway folks, it’s a brilliant, brilliant clip. Check it out below and then check out the original Loki dialogue too! I’m impressed by his ability to remember those lines. So, can I marry Tom Hiddleston now? Can that be a thing?