WATCH: Tom Hardy Is A One Man Tour De Force In ‘Locke’ Trailer

Tom Hardy's MySpace
Tom's MySpace page photos were just a tad embarrassing.
Were you looking for a movie that stars Tom Hardy in a car by himself as his life unravels?

Oh good! Then Locke is the perfect movie for you. Tom stars as Ivan Locke, a successful construction manager, who–as IMDb puts it–receives  “a single phone call” that causes his life “to unravel during his drive home.”

If the trailer is any indication, the movie should be intense. Check it out above to see some of that Locke intensity for yourself. Plus, Tom’s voice is dreamy.

I gotta say, I am rather looking forward to it. I mean, any movie that garners the review, “Reverberates with the power of universal themes,” is good in my book. Watch the trailer then tell us what you think in the comments below.