WATCH: Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos Will Bring You Instant Happiness

Need Some Fun?
Check out animals jumping on trampolines.
Tiny things are so much cuter than normal-sized things.

Baby clothing, for example, is usually so much more adorable than the clothing you and I would wear. Why? Because tiny humans are cuter than adults. It’s just a proven fact.

Now imagine a little hamster devouring a tasty meal.

HelloDenizen on Youtube has decided to gift us with the treat of hamsters eating burritos that are just as tiny as they are.

Before watching this video, you’ll probably feel curious and a little perplexed by our fascination with the art of feeding small animals. I mean, have you watched the hamster eating spaghetti? It’s absolutely precious.

What I found most impressive was how the chef carefully minced each ingredient to make sure it would fit within the little tortilla. If it were me doing the preparing, I would get impatient with how long it takes to chop everything and just do a lazy chop.

To see the cutest thing ever, watch the video above, and then leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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