WATCH: ‘Thor Actually’ Sounds Like The Best Movie Ever

Chris Hemsworth Vacays
Chris Hemsworth enjoys time at the beach in Costa Rica.
Just the other day I was watching You’ve Got Mail and bemoaning the lack of good romantic comedies out in the world these days.

But luckily my sorrows have been vanquished by a new movie coming out today. You might know it as Thor: The Dark World, but as the good people over at Jimmy Kimmel Live have showed us, it’s really just a romantic comedy about Jane Foster and Thor.

Guys, Thor Actually sounds like the most amazing non-movie movie ever. 

We meet up with Natalie Portman’s Jane, who is down on love, but discovers that the one she’s supposed to be with has been Chris Hemsworth’s Thor this whole time. Could a movie be any better than that? Jane gets Thor and I’ll keep Tom Hiddleston’s Loki all to myself. That works, right?

Check out the video above! You’ll love it. Also, if you guys have any good romantic comedy suggestions, please post them in the comments. I’m thinking of ordering pizza and marathoning movies this weekend. Life is grand.