WATCH: This Dog Has His Own Dance Party While His Owners Are Out

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Have you ever wondered what your pets do when you leave the house? Do they break stuff? Do they tear things up? Do they stare out the window all day?

Well one owner was eager to find out, so she decided to record it. This video made its way online a few days ago, and it’s hysterical. This pit-bull is apparently not allowed to be on the bed, so his owner set up a camera to see if he does. 

And the results are amazing. Not only does the dog go on the bed, but he makes sure to roll all around it. I assume something like this was running through his head.


Also, why is the cat allowed on the bed and the dog is not? And why is the cat showing no emotion about this? These are the questions we need to know. Check out the video above and prepare to feel immense joy.

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