WATCH: The Voice Of Honest Trailers Epically And Hilariously Takes Orders At A Drive-Thru

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Coming To A Drive-Thru Near You
Good Deeds
Did you see the kind waiter for the homeless serving customers? Watch »

Yesterday we showed you the beautiful, good-hearted prank of a waitress receiving five well-deserved tips.

Break has continued their “Prank it Forward” week with another video and scenario which has the capability to make everyone smile or laugh.

This time they enlisted the man who voices Honest Trailers on the ScreenJunkies Youtube channel to supply people with the best drive-thru trip of their lives.

Anytime I watch one of the videos, I wonder who the voice behind the hilarity is. Now we know his name is Jon Bailey and he can be just as funny in a real-life situation as he is while making fun of a movie or television show.

Remember the Frozen trailer? That one helped me realize a few things about the movie I hadn’t noticed before.

Putting his vocal talent to work, Bailey causes each patron to laugh, or look at the speaker in complete confusion. One man actually drove past the ordering station before backing up and placing his order. Of course, they took the opportunity to poke fun at him over it.

Check out this really great prank and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

By Erin Cosgrove

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