WATCH: The Benedict Cumberbatch Vs. Tom Hiddleston Dance Off Is The Greatest Video Ever Made

OK, so I might be using a little bit of hyperbole, but when you’ve got a video that has spliced dancing Benedict Cumberbatch together with dancing Tom Hiddleston, all to the tune of “Sexy And I Know It”, everything seems right in the world.

The video has been making the rounds, and I mean, let’s face it, there aren’t two people I’d rather see dancing more than Benedict and Tom. If only we could get them to have a proper, real life dance off.

Graham Norton, get on that. 

If anyone could make it happen, it’s Graham. So watch the video above and prepare to have your heart filled with joy. Who do you think wins at the end? I’m gonna say it’s a tie because I love them both too much to pick.