WATCH: Teens React To ‘Mean Girls’ To Commemorate The 10th Anniversary Of The Film

Erin Cosgrove | April 22, 2014 - 4:30 pm

Need A Recap?
Mean Girls gets narrated by adorable feline friends.
Ah, ten years have passed since the release of Mean Girls and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that.

I can remember relating to the movie just two or three years after the movie came out. To reflect and realize that so much time has passed is mind-blowing.

Reactions from these teens accurately describe how I feel about some elements of the masterpiece.

One sassmaster commented on the trailer brilliantly saying, “I miss when Lindsay Lohan wasn’t crazy.” Don’t we all? I miss the days of her song “Rumors” and when the bang list was non-existent. I have to say how explicit her movie I Know Who Killed Me was shocking after associating her with much tamer roles.

The boys were the most humorous. When questioned about how he felt about real-life mean girls, one responded, “my mom wouldn’t want me to use that language.”

Lohan’s mentioned “success” elicited laughter from each teen. I guess we all have the same feeling about her downward spiral.

I wonder if she realizes that “fetch” still hasn’t happened.

Check out the video for hilarity and find out what movie one of the teens wants Tina Fey to write!

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