WATCH: Taylor Lautner And His Abs Will Make You Laugh In The Trailer For BBC Three’s ‘Cuckoo’

Sabba Rahbar | July 22, 2014 - 5:00 pm

Taylor Lautner Films
Oh no! Not the face! Taylor Lautner on 'Tracers' set.
Umm, did anyone know that Taylor Lautner had a sense of humor? Comedic timing? Ability to tell a joke?

I knew none of this. So I was very pleasantly surprised today when I saw the first trailer for season two of the BBC Three show Cuckoo. Guys, Taylor made me laugh.

If you missed season one, the story followed Andy Samberg’s character, a New Age-ie hippie, who marries into a uptight British family. But since Andy is busy with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the show recruited Taylor to play his hippie son. 

He’s got a beard and shows off his abs and it’s all very amusing. I know you’re not believing me right now, so watch the trailer above, just so you know I’m not lying to you. I think I might actually watch season two of this show. And I think I might laugh at Taylor. But if he does actually suck, hopefully he’ll just be shirtless a lot.

What do you think of the preview? Does it have potential? Sound off in the comments below!