WATCH: Shirtless Male Models Hang Out With Kittens To Bring You Joy In ‘Cats And Abs’

Shirtless Male Models
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Were you looking for the greatest video in the world? Because I found it for you. May I present, Cats + Abs, a glorious present from the folks at Cosmo.

The video features three very hot male models playing with some very adorable kittens. Seriously, I don’t even like cats that much and I’m “awwing” all over the place. Oh, and did I mention that they’re rapping about cats and abs, too? Because that is a thing.

Also, did you know this was all done for a good cause? 

The Cats + Abs video was made to help promote the Humane Society. I know! Hot models, cute kittens, good cause–this video has everything. Now sit back, relax and enjoy. Also, dibs on the model with the American flag scarf.