WATCH: Shirtless David Gandy Gets Felt Up By Jennifer Lopez In Her ‘First Love’ Music Video

Shirtless David Gandy
The male model takes it off for Terry Richardson.
I almost feel like I should tell you guys that this music video is NSFW. Not that it is, but trust me, you’re gonna need to go out for some air after watching it.

After teasing us for the past week with snippets from “First Love”, Jennifer Loepz debuted the full music video today, complete with plenty of shirtless and gyrating David Gandy. Umm, can David Gandy be in every music ever?

Please and thank you. 

Guys, this music video is so sexy, it makes JLo’s video with Ricky Martin look tame. I only wish it was in color so I could appreciate shirtless David and his blue eyes in all their glory. But not that I’m complaining. OK guys, watch the music video above, love it, but don’t say I didn’t warn you about just how sexy it is.