WATCH: BBC’s ‘Sherlock’ Becomes A Musical

I Believe I Can Fly
Benedict jumps for it on set.
It looks like BBC’s hit show, Sherlock, has just gotten itself a musical!

Season three, otherwise known as series three, has just concluded so the fans need to keep themselves busy until season four arrives.

Sherlockians, the devoted fans of the show, have it worse than any other fandom. They only get three episodes before their favorite show goes on hiatus.

Can you imagine the discipline and dedication needed when your show is a perpetual cliffhanger?

While the show is off air, or right after the first episode, fans often make parodies like the one above. I’m sure Benedict Cumberbatch would be very proud if he saw this one!

In this video, John Watson thought his comrade was dead and was in the midst of mourning when he discovered the man was alive all along. Oh, the deception! Obviously in order to explain the situation and reconcile, they needed to sing about their feelings!

What a creative way to converse.

This parody is actually very interesting and rather catchy. Odds are, you won’t be able to watch it just once, so feel free to shamelessly repeat it for the rest of the day!

How are you dealing with the hiatus, Sherlock fans? Let us know in the comments below!