WATCH: ‘Scene Magazine’ Gives Us A Behind The Scenes Look At Their Joe Jonas Photoshoot

Joe Jonas Opens Up
The Jonas Brother talks about virginity, drugs & more.
The Jonas Brothers may not be a thing anymore, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve disappeared. The bros are definitely still a presence, including Joe Jonas.

Joe Jonas did a shoot for Scene Magazine recently, shot by Easton Schirra, that included lots of bright colors, hip clothes, and fun times thanks to Joe.

And Editor-in-Chief of Scene Magazine, Peter Davis, had only good things to say about him. “Joe is truly the nicest, coolest celebrity I have ever worked with and I have worked with a lot.” 

The shoot had Joe wearing tons of bright colored clothing, including a floral getup paired with an orange jacket. According to Peter, Joe was absolutely loving the clothes aspect of the shoot. “Joe loves clothes. And clothes love Joe. I met him at New York fashion Week last month and he gets it. He dug everything he wore from a Richard Chai suit to the Marc Jacobs stuff to Tom Ford. He also wears Dior Homme, Dolce & Gabbana, Diemme, Walter Van Bierendock.”

I totally dig a guy who values the way he looks, so I’m into it. Joe sounds like he knows how to have fun, too.

“There was an earthquake in LA that morning at 6:20am and we all were telling our stories. It was his girlfriend’s first quake and Joe recalled how she literally jumped on him in bed, completely freaked out. Joe also got his iPhone and DJed the whole shoot. And then he DJed again, for real, that night in Hollywood, at School Night.”

Well, he sounds pretty freaking cool to me. To see more of Joe’s awesome shoot with Scene Magazine, check out the video! And for behind the scenes photos, check out Celebuzz! Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Scene Magazine featuring Joe when it hits newsstands.