WATCH: Ryan Gosling Is Super Crazy In Red Band Trailer For ‘Only God Forgives’ [VIDEO]

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From the director of Drive, Nicolas Winding Refn, comes Only God Forgives, the latest movie from the wonder that is Ryan Gosling.

Ryan Gosling does not speak much in the new red band trailer for Only God Forgives, but does some super crazy things in it.

While there are certainly flares of drive with the visual style and brutal violence, this looks like a much stranger film and the trailer isn’t exactly forthcoming with a story. That being said, this trailer does the trick, and doesn’t need much of Gosling to shine with only a few lines. 

As for the plot, Julian (Gosling) lives in exile in Bangkok where he runs a Thai boxing club as a front for the family’s drugs smuggling operation. When Julian’s brother Billy is killed, their mother, Jenna (Kristen Scott Thomas), arrives in the city. She wants revenge and forces Julian to find the killer. Julian’s contacts in the criminal underworld lead him directly to The Angel of Vengeance, a retired police officer who knows everything and who is both Judge and Punisher. Jenna demands that Julian kill The Angel of Vengeance, an act that will cost him dearly.

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