WATCH: Ricky Martin Brings The Sexy & The Dance Beat In ‘Vida’ Music Video

Ricky Martin Naked
Ricky Martin needs to make another video like this one.
Stop what you’re doing and prepare to have a dance party at your desk, in your head, in your bed–wherever you are right now! Because the music video for Ricky Martin’s World Cup song “Vida” was just released and it’s awesome.

The Spanglish song sees Ricky dancing on the beach with plenty of scantily clad ladies and gentlemen as they dance and gyrate up a storm.

I’m super into it. Although I do wish Ricky had taken off his shirt, too. 

At least now we know how those sunset photos fit into the video. And fun fact, there’s even a shot of two speedo-ed men holding hands. It’s precious. I cannot wait to hear this song a billion more times over the next few months. Ricky Martin for all! Check out the video above and tell us how much you love it in the comments below!