WATCH: Ready To Go Back In Time? Adorable Kids React To Rotary Phones

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This cute little pug despises cell phones!
Sometimes I forget that landlines are becoming obsolete. With cell phones being so popular and convenient, who really needs a house phone?

That being said, I tend to just group rotary phones with any other landline based phone. Until watching children react to them, I didn’t realize that in today’s society they would be thought of as peculiar.

Do you feel old yet? Yes? Well, we’re just getting started.

One of the children asked if it was the first phone Alexander Graham Bell invented. Yikes! It definitely hasn’t been around that long. We’re all ancient.

Shockingly, none of the children knew the word “receiver” meaning the part of the phone you talk and listen in.

I can remember using a rotary phone for the first time and saying I preferred that to a phone with buttons. It’s just so much fun watching the rotary go back in place when you dial it.

Of course, I’m keeping my grandmother’s very old rotary phone just so I can play with it. The receiver doesn’t work, but it’s still beautiful and a joy to have.

If you’re curious about the hilarious reactions, check out the video above! You won’t be disappointed!

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