WATCH: Precious Lion Cubs Wrestle And Play With Their Dad

Erin Cosgrove | March 7, 2014 - 5:45 pm

So Sweet!
Check out these super cute white lionn cubs.
I think the Oregon Zoo is my new favorite place.

Actually, to be honest, I love any establishment that shows animals enjoying themselves.

The giant panda playing in the snow at the Toronto Zoo will always be one of my favorite videos.

Did you notice something interesting about these cubs? They’re triplets! Their father is Zawadi Mungu and they appear to be having a great time playing together.

Two of the babies end up hopping all over each other. Seriously, they look like Kiara and Kovu with the play fighting in Lion King 2! It’s too sweet!

Whenever their dad roars, the little cubs seem to get startled. I guess they definitely know who the boss is!

Treat yourself to the adorableness and watch the video above!

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