WATCH: Pixar Wants You To Find The ‘Easter Eggs’ In Their ‘Easter Egg Challenge’ “

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Have you ever watched Monster’s Inc. and noticed that Boo hands Sully a orange stuffed fish when they’re in her bedroom? Hello Finding Nemo!

Probably not, right? We overlook the foreshadowing of Pixar films.

One thing you have to know about this company is that they incorporate elements from already made films or upcoming movies. Now they’re giving fans the opportunity to locate some they might not notice otherwise.

The red, blue, and yellow bouncy ball seems to be used most often. It has been used in at least four scenes, including one in Monster’s Inc. and another in Toy Story.

Our job is to locate the various correlations between the movies. Once you find them, you’re going to have a smile on your face.

Warning: In the future your might find yourself trying to locate similarities between Pixar films. You’ve been warned.

Watch the awesome video above and let us know which “Easter Eggs” you were able to find! Don’t worry if you were unable to connect all of the dots. At they end, we’re provided with a very helpful answer key.