WATCH: ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Gets Its Own Hillywood Parody, Complete With Adam Lambert

If you guys aren’t already fans of the amazing The Hillywood Show, then this Pirates of the Caribbean parody is for sure going to convert you.

We learned a lot about Captain Jack Sparrow from the POTC franchise, but perhaps the most important thing we learned was that his one true love is rum. Rum forever. Rum for always. As long as he’s drinking, happy he’ll be.

So not only is the actress playing Captain Jack in the parody amazing, but all of it is made better because they used Adam Lambert’s “If I Had You”. 

Adam himself loved the video so much, he even Tweeted about it.

I love Hilly as Captain Jack, I love the special effects with the Kraken, I love the dance numbers in the middle of the pirate bar–it’s all amazing. So check out the video above and prepare to be amused! And to go around singing “If I Had You” all day.