WATCH: Paul Walker Gets A Tribute From ‘Fast & Furious’

Paul Walker
A man of few words
As if we all weren’t sad enough about Paul Walker’s sudden death this past weekend, the folks from the Fast & Furious franchise have decided that we need to cry a little bit more.

Fast & Furious released the above video commemorating the actor with loving scenes from the movies and J. Cole’s “I’m Coming Home” playing in the background.

Watching it, I just kept thinking about how blue and perfect Paul’s eyes were. So what’s next for the Fast & Furious franchise? 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, filming on the seventh flick has gone on an indefinite hiatus while producers work out what to do. The movie had about a month of filming left before Paul’s passing from traumatic and thermal injuries. Yup, that’s how he died and it’s awful.

Hopefully all will be well. Check out the video above. Will you still keep up with the F&F franchise even after Paul’s death? Let us know in the comments.