WATCH: Only Adam Lambert Can Put This Baby To Sleep

July 1st, 2013 // 6 Comments
Adam Lambert
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Adam Lambert
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We knew that Adam Lambert‘s voice was powerful, but who knew it had power over babies!

A new mother posted this video on YouTube with the following caption:

When our 6-week-old baby doesn’t stop crying, there’s only one thing that can rescue us… And that’s Adam Lambert – “Never Close Your Eyes” (Radio Edit). The healing powers of this record are remarkable. Please let me know if it cures any other babies. Watch below.

Click the video below and why not test this one out on your little one.

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By Michael Prieve

  1. Barbara

    Ummm, there’s a difference between putting the baby to sleep and stopping it from crying.

  2. That’s amazing, Adam has such a soothing voice :)

  3. LW

    lol he calms the baby, I know how this kid feels to be honest. My last crappy job I would get stressed just driving to work and had to play Adam every morning on the way there to keep calm :) Nirvana is a good one for that.

  4. Musicgirl

    Awww so cute!!! I’ve seen a few vids like this where children show a connection to Adam lambert. There’s one showing an autistic child who has an astounding reaction to Adam singing – seems to bring him out of himself. That one really did make me cry.

  5. mo

    Imagine having someone that can sing for your dad – singing you to sleep every night?

  6. I have often played Adam’s music to my grandson. He loves watching and lsitening. It’s very calming and helps him sleep too.

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