WATCH: Obedient Dogs Clear Their Own Dishes After Dinner, Proving They Have Better Table Manners Than Humans

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Fantastic Table Manners
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Never before have I witnessed such obedience from dogs when it comes to their meals.

Think about it for a minute. If you place a bowl of food in front of a dog, how long does it take them to dive in? Probably about ten seconds, right?

Well, that’s why these canine friends are even more remarkable. They’re patient.

Trained by someone very talented, they were taught to pray before even receiving their bowls. Each of the four dogs obediently bowed their heads as their owner recited a prayer. Once their meal was placed down, they devoured the meal in probably about a minute or two.

Anticipation alone must have added to how hungry they were.

Following their meal, the dogs would take their bowls in their mouths and bring them back to the owner. Of course, she was going to clean them, but they looked pretty much spotless. One dog even picked up the slack when one or two decided to be lazy and not bring over their own bowls.

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By Erin Cosgrove

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