WATCH: No One Can Pronounce Lupita Nyong’o’s Name And It’s Pretty Ridiculous

Lupita For Vogue Italia
Lupita Nyong'o looks amazing for Vogue Italia
OK, I think we can all admit that Lupita Nyong’o has a scary looking name. I get it, my name throws people off at first too.

But if you’re going to do a news report on the girl, you should at least learn how to pronounce her name properly, right? Well actually, no. Jimmy Kimmel showed us this hysterical supercut last night of news anchors all around America pronouncing Lupita’s name incredibly wrong after she was named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Person.

It’s so cringeworthy. 

Although I do love the lady who just didn’t even attempt the last time. Guys, if you need any help, that’s what Lupita is for.

During awards season Lupita shared the above video on Instagram with the caption, “How to pronounce my name. Thank you, @noaskye22for this amazing idea. #AdviceTakenFollow.” So now world, you have no excuse for it being wrong.

Check out the supercut above and try not to get second hand embarrassment.