WATCH: Michelle Dockery Is Shedding Her Downton Abbey Image In ‘Tough Justice’

Michelle Dockery
The 'Downton Abbey' star does press in NYC.
Michelle Dockery is best known to us on this side of the pond as Lady Mary, the beautiful, bitchy and fabulous eldest daughter on Downton Abbey.

But the actress is looking to change her image as the perfect aristocrat. At least in this Funny or Die trailer for her new (fake) show, Tough Justice, she is.

Michelle and co-star Michael Chiklis are hilarious in the video about a new TNT TV show featuring Michelle as a tough lady cop. But it’s not that easy for Michelle. 

Let’s just say that Lady Mary shows up a few times. It’s such a funny video. Well, it should be coming from Funny or Die. Check out the video above and tell us what you think in the comments. And don’t forget that Downton Abbey is coming back to PBS on Sunday! Yay!