WATCH: Liverpool Striker, Daniel Sturridge, Plays A Sweet Prank On Young Fans

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Have you seen the waiter to the homeless?
Imagine giving a casual interview, sharing information about your favorite celebrity and then they just happen to walk into the room. You would be ecstatic, right?

Just imagine how these young children of Anfield Junior School in Liverpool, UK feel when their favorite athlete joins them.

Each unsuspecting child took part in LFC TV’s Kop Kids two-episode special, where they would receive the biggest surprise of their lives.

While they were speaking about their favorite football player, Daniel Sturridge was in the corridor listening to every word they said. He made the decision when he wanted to go inside the classroom.

Their large, excited smiles give away just how thrilled they were to meet the man. Looks of bewilderment just added to how cute the entire situation was.

He took the time to chat with each child and even offered some dance tips.

One child referred to the situation as “the opportunity of a lifetime.” Aww!

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