WATCH: Little Kids Think Old Computers Are Nothing More Than Hipster Nonsense

Now, I know this video might look weird sandwiched between shirtless guys, but I had to share it with you.

Please enjoy little kids reacting to old computers. I’m not even talking 90s old, we’re talking late 70s, early 80s old. The kids in the latest video from The Fine Brothers barely have any idea what’s going on.

My personal favorite came from 9-year-old Dash who remarked, “This is very hipster.” 

The kids are all shocked when they find out the computer barely did anything, especially compared to today’s iPhones. They also tried playing a game on a floppy disk, which just confused them further. This is amazing. Check out the video above, and prepare to laugh very hard. You might even have the same thought as Tyler, “I don’t get it. I also don’t get the 1970s.”

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