WATCH: Leonardo DiCaprio’s Movies Get A Montage In ‘Leo: The Movie’

Leo Sun Worships
Leonardo DiCaprio takes in the sunshine.
Because guys, every (movie) needs a montage!

The fine folks over at the YouTube channel Official Comedy thought it would fun to take all of Leonardo DiCaprio’s movies and give us a timeline of how Leo got from the kid in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape to the man who screws everyone over in The Wolf Of Wall Street. We have, Leo: The Movie.

And frankly, when you look at all of it together it’s kind of an amazing timeline. I didn’t think his movies would fit this well together, but they do! 

Well, aside from some issues with costumes because of various decades. But even that kind of works in a crazy way. Basically, Leo kills someone as a kid, tries to hide, gets loads of money and ends up where he is. Well done, montage folks. Well done.

Check out the video above, then tell us what you think in the comments. I’d totally watch Leo: The Movie. Oh wait, isn’t that just a Leo movie marathon? Who’s joining?